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MSW’s converts waste plastics of all categories, except PVC, into high density, easily transportable, completely industry compliant energy sources. This technology converts any type of recyclable and non-recyclable plastic material. MSW’s clean and green technology boasts a closed loop system with near zero emissions creating a new sustainable energy source with a positive energy balance and a low carbon footprint. The modular and scalable system has significant organic growth potential and helps solve major compliance issues for municipalities while reducing landfill growth. Additionally, it creates permanent skilled and unskilled jobs within the community so each project adds to the tax base at city, county, state, and federal levels.


MSW is a developer of numerous energy conversion projects, committed to providing best of class conversion technologies. Its projects convert waste, environmentally challenged, and/or low value feed stocks such as E-Waste, coal fines and globules, pet coke, and coal to energy (WTE) in the form of clean syngas, electricity, diesel, gasoline, other fuel products, and recyclables.


MSW supplements the use of virgin carbon black as a versatile, economic, reinforcing agent in rubber. In thermal black applications requiring low reinforcement, use of MSW Black also reduces risk of mold tear, potentially increasing yields and reducing waste. MSW’s non-emission-based process provides a true end-of-life solution for waste tires by converting nearly 100% of waste tires into base materials as Second-Generation final products. All used tires will be efficiently diverted from landfills (or illegal dumping) and is therefore, fully compliant with numerous states’ mandated goals of 75% landfill reduction.


MSW’s cleanly converts Municipal Solid Waste medical waste, organic waste, biomass, sewage, oily sludge, agricultural plastics and mixed plastics into electricity and fuels, ASTM Grade Diesel for one, using a pyrolysis process paired with state-of-the-art emissions control technology. MSW’s efficiently accomplishes this processing by utilizing a proprietary material sorting system which allows for single stream collection


MSW’s energy conversions technologies are generally designed to process any carbon-based feedstock and unlocks its potential energy, delivering cost effective conversion to electricity or fuels. Proprietary conversion techniques can process multiple feedstock’s, including ones that have traditionally required complex conversion mechanisms or which are environmentally challenging into power and/or fuels with emissions consistent with best available control technology (BACT) and lower CO2 emissions.


MSW’s works on two advanced technologies that handle elevated moisture content in organics, biomass such as food waste, and sewage sludge prior to conversion to syn-gas based power, or in large quantities, to on-road fuels. The remaining processed water can be returned into the system as valuable potable water by applying three finishing processes necessary for classification as potable water.



High performance product

  • A higher paraffin content improves performance of the engine.

Use existing infrastructure

  • Storage and transportation system today.
  • Combustion Engines and Turbines today.

Storage Stability

  • Life Span> 8 years.
  • Biodegradable high purity fuel.
  • Significant reduction of soot and NOx.
  • Exceeds the global requirements of <1 ppm sulfur + aromatic.
  • Low profile of CO and CO2 emissions.

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Synthetic Diesel is easy to confuse with other types of fuel with a similar sound in the market. In addition, it should not be confused with “biodiesel” produce from crops.
Synthetic diesel is a high-quality diesel fuel made entirely of renewable and sustainable biomass. As a result, it is significantly better for the environment than petroleum diesel, but it has the same chemical composition, which means that it offers the same excellent performance and can be implemented in any vehicle or diesel generator without any change in technological expense. In addition, this premium fuel meets and exceeds all state and federal ASTM D975 and diesel specifications.

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